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Personalized Learning Letter to Parents 17-18SoPrep Core Values Presentation

Welcome to Soldotna Prep School

     It is my pleasure and honor to welcome you to Soldotna Prep School for the 2016-17 school year.  We are excited to welcome your children to the Soldotna Prep and the Soldotna High School student bodies.   I know that we are starting a new school year with a great class of students and a very supportive group of parents who want the best for each of their children.

One of the biggest goals Soldotna Prep School has is to help your students achieve academic credits in every category of the KPBSD high school graduation requirements.  All 9th grade students will take required courses in Mathematics, Biology, Language Arts, Social Studies, Health and Physical Education. Soldotna Prep will work closely with Soldotna High School to provide a rich schedule of elective opportunities, career development, and extra- curricular activities that interest your student, such as Arts, Athletic and Academic Teams, Drama, Music, and Career and Technical Education. We strongly encourage your student to be involved in these opportunities.  We believe that this involvement can help define and enhance the future life and career goals of your children. Research has shown that students who are involved in school activities will not only learn valuable skills, but will also generate fun and rewarding high school experiences.

You will find the school staff dedicated to providing your child with an outstanding learning environment, as well as guidance for your future.   As your building principal, my door is always open.  I encourage you to call, email, or stop by to visit if there is anything we can do to help you or your child.  The transition from middle school to high school will be truly exciting, however, as your child adjusts to high school life there may be times that you’ll need to ask questions and look to our staff for support.  We are here for you!



Curtis Schmidt


Soldotna Prep School





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    I have forwarded your inquiry to the kitchen ladies. They should respond via e-mail to you

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