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All student-athletes need to complete 10 practices before participating in a competitive event.  A student-athlete cannot be considered eligible to practice until a physical and paperwork is on file with the school.  Also, participation fees must be paid before the first scheduled trip of the season (or at a prior date set by the coach).  Soldotna High School will be utilizing Arbiter Athlete for electronic filing of all paperwork.  Please use the link below to access Arbiter Athlete.

Arbiter Athlete

Below is a document with step-by-step instructions on how to create an account on Arbiter Athlete:

Watch the ASAA required TAD policy video.

Follow SOHI team sports schedules and results on ASAA365.  Use the links below to access specific team information (PDF or Word Document versions of the schedules have been provided in the team sports section below).

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  • Universal Cheer Association Summer Camp (attended as a club team)
    • Team Awards
      • Gold Superior Sideline Routine
      • Blue Superior Cheer with Stunt Routine
      • Blue Superior Rally Dance with Pyramid
      • 1st Place Cheer Routine
      • 2nd Place Overall Game Day Routine
      • Spirit Stick Days 1-4
      • Top Banana Team Award
      • Community service pins for teams effort to raise money for St. Jude’s America Needs Cheerleaders
      • Team invitation to perform at the Citrus Bowl
    • Individual Awards
      • All American Medallions – Brooke Belluomini, Seryn Sproul, and Kilei England (invited to perform in London for a New Years’ Day Parade)
      • Pin It Forward Award – Seryn Sproul (she was also invited to tryout as a UCA instructor)
      • WDW Spirit Spectacular Performance Invitation – Nicole Kreider, Brook Belluomini, and Seryn Sproul


  • Region III Championships – Division I
    • Boys finished 3rd in the team standings – qualified for the State meet
      • Top finishers – Mekbeb Denbrock (4th overall), Bradley Walters (7th overall), Lance Chilton (11th overall)
    • Girls finished 3rd in the team standings – qualified for the State meet
      • Top finishers – Jordan Straughsbaugh (3rd overall), Erika Arthur (9th overall), Tanis Lorring (10th overall)
  • Division I State Championships
    • Boys finished 7th in the team standings
      • Top finishers – Mekbeb Denbrock (16th overall), Bradley Walters (23rd overall), Jack Harris (58th overall), Lance Chilton (63rd overall), Anchor Musgrave (64th overall), Logan Shane (77th overall), Maleda Denbrock (79th overall)
    • Girls finished 8th in the team standings
      • Top finishers – Jordan Straughsbaugh (16th overall), Erika Arthur (41st overall), Tanis Lorring (53rd overall), Ellie Burns (61st overall), Cameron Blackwell (63rd overall), Jordan Ruffner (68th overall), Ryann Cannava (74th overall)


  • Division II School State Champions
  • Northern Lights Conference Champions
  • Northern Lights All Conference
    • Offensive Player of the Year – Jersey Truesdell
    • Assistant Coach of the Year – Eric Pomerleau
    • 1st Team Offense – Jersey Truesdell (QB), Aaron Faletoi (FB), Galen Brantley III (TE and LS), Levi Benner (T), Brennan Werner (G), Cy Updike (KR)
    • 1st Team Defense – Hudson Metcalf (OLB), Galen Brantley III (ILB), Jersey Truesdell (DB), Wyatt Medcoff (DB), Cy Updike (DB), Levi Benner (DL), Aaron Faletoi (DL), Zach Hanson (U)
    • 2nd Team Offense – Wyatt Medcoff (FB), Trenton Walden (T), Cody Nye (C)
    • 2nd Team Defense – Melvin Lloyd (DL), Zack Zeigler (P)
    • Honorable Mention Offense – Jersey Truesdell (K)

2017-18 SOHI Athletic Honors

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